Hi from Liverpool!

Yep, Iam in the non €-Land UK! Weather is rather ´kay, but hotel is is great, mini bar, free WiFi, room service. Only a citymap is not yet available. But the flight was fine and almost free, because I still had some forgotten freemiles! :-) ...Well, Ali Hooi is just arrived, so We will leave to find a decent bar, since Baz never reseponded on my pm. :-ppp ...@Merche, what questions? Plz., giv´em to me as one post! :-) Laters Pilgrim...enjoy your W.e.!


y78ilm :: now on y78ilm.nibblebit.com/ said...

Enjoy your weekend too, and Liverpool!


Merche Pallarés said...

Well, all the questions I've asked you in your blog, my dear... And, now, you're in Liverpool??? Hugs, M.

Baz said...

wot pm, never got anything. Soz to have missed u.