What a day!

We´d been in the inferior island, gracies to my uncle leaving us his car. As a little thx we brought him a bottle of "Hierbas Ibiciensas", a yummy liqueur of rural herbs. Oops! He told us that he is a dry alcoholic for 10 yrs. now! If I had only known...Anyway, no big deal, we have it now, and we are even allowed to smoke,if we want to, in his presence. Gosh, he has changed so much thru the yrs. but still he keeps his way juvenile looks from what I remember in my youth. Only his hair recedes more than my Dad´s. And his bartender is an australian born girl, if they all look like her, Australia will have a new brain reaseach Sc.D. in no time! :-D ...Daniel was of course right, that all the places to go are closed now, but we can visit Barrio Alto by Night, a spectale sponsored by my uncle on behalf of the still ongoing celebrations of the 20th anniversary of his restaurant. Hastas luegos! Pilgrim...P.S., I have a lousy wifi, so times of my post will vary.


Mickle in NZ said...

Special Congratulations to your Uncle on 20 years owning and running his restaurant (what type of food?). Happy eating to you all, have a wonderful time there,

Michelle and Zebbycat, xxx and sleepy purrs

MartininBroda said...

Wish you a wonderful time too.

Merche Pallarés said...

I'm sure I KNOW your uncle. Who is he??? My, you're very mysterious, mon cher Pilgrim. Gros bisous, M.