Misunderstandings and a win

Well, yeah, Benni and Davey have deeply miinterpreted my las post in the comments. You both weren´t meant! The ones who were prbly noz noticed, Anyway, you both migh see you in the bull and me as the torero, executing the Pase de la Muerte! :-) I´m an afficionado of bullfighting. ...Tonight or rather late afternoon we have beaten Reims 35 - 18, with 15 pts. from me! YAY! ...So, that it´s in a nutshell, tomorrow I travel a bit to visit my family graves, since we have Tous Saints! Laters Pilgrim...@Merche, answer to you is included! :-) You are not too old!*hugs*

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Merche Pallarés said...

Yes, I am. You young ones use too many initials which throw me off the beating track!! Gros bisous, M.