Ibiza again

Early this morning we(me and Gf.) arrived at Ibiza airport for a nice out of season holiday, no germs, no dutch, no brits so long. Only change, no hotel but my uncles house. Great! Maybe I send you some pics. And after a lengthy nap we were at his restaurant for a nice lunch, Now we  wait for dinner. Tadah Pilgrim...P.S., please comment an my Ittifadah- post!


y78ilm :: now on y78ilm.nibblebit.com/ said...

I agree, it's a special feeling visiting place off-season so to say. You may risk the fact most sights and attractions are closed, oh well. Enjoy your stay!!


Mickle in NZ said...

Dear Pilgrim, just been watching a Bill Bailey clip on Youtube - labelled Hill Billy Bowie, however was a brilliant Jacque Brel "take off"

Mickle was the costumes and hair person for a production of "Jacque Brel is alive and well and living in Paris" back in 1983. The star tenor was in training as a Marist Priest and studying at university.

He is now Father Chris Skinner, a school chaplin who uses his music and singing in his work. Check Chris out on google. His voice and music is amazing, and very healing.

And I am most definately not Roman Catholic.

With love and care, Michelle xxx

Merche Pallarés said...

Where is your uncle's restaurant? C'mon Pilgrim you should get in touch with me. Gros bisous, M.