My part of the party

I had taken the fisrst presribed pill at the time we arrived home, then another one early afternoon and one for the eve. Didn´t drink much, but felt soon dizzy(not like drunk) and withdrew from the party to go upstairs in my and my Gf.s sleepingroom, layed on the bed watching tv and trying to resore a lost file. Mozilla soon didn´t play along, maybe because I hadn´t downloaded so much at once lately or my system was changed from XP, which worked well w/me to Vista, which I despise, to say it in nice words! Anyway the party is still on, a mix of my Bro´s club mixes and Oli´s hardrock, sounds both to me like Klaus Nomi on acid! :-) And Iknow Val dislikes hardrock. I´ll get the reviews later today. I go to sleep, so no more comments on other blogs tonite, nor readding my own ones. Good nite Pilgrim...p.s.Samad, dont you think, you wanna delve a bit too deep in to my private life?!...and some peepz seemingly don´t know how to change their comment systems! :-/...but you, you know who you are can comment, please, I want your input, your thoughts on me! :-)


naturgesetz said...

Too bad you couldn't have had a better time at the party. Hopefully it was fun for Val. Take good care of yourself.

jay.osa said...

hope you feel better

Samad said...
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torchy! said...

ditto what NG said.

regarding what Samad wrote: maybe he put into words what other ppl are also wondering. after all, there's always much more than what is written.

coming from a conservative background, i do find your entourage a little unusual, e.g. Val - a 15-yr old (now 16), taken on holiday at short notice for several weeks to foreign countries. i can't think of any parents i know who would allow that.

i told you i was conservative!


Samad said...

you wanna delve a bit too deep in to my private life?!

um, now i'm confused. logically, you wouldn't want me to go deeper, but now you say you want... i'm lost now.

it's not about providing personal details. your blog is anonymous, so even if you mention too many things, it still won't be too personal, because we do not know who you are.

just put in a little more details, so that your post is a bit more clear.

example on val.
from your posts, the plotline was like this:

(1) he stalked you
(2) you didn't wanna go near him, cause he's too young
(3) then you find out he's going to be 16
(4) then he's your little lover
(5) then rakiq comes into the picture
(6) then you have a model gf


The point is, everything makes perfect sense to you, because it's your memories. your life.

but for us poor readers, it may not be so clear, unless you elaborate more.

it's like you wrote a book (this blog), but tore out all the even pages, and left only the odd pages.

gomad.ch said...

Sufficient rest might not be bad thing to do.

About Samad's request... Reading blogs is about prying through keyholes. But I'm happy to wait for traces in your posts. Keeping things mystical has also its appeal.

naturgesetz said...

One thing that may have piqued Samad's curiosity is the fact that the word "lover" implies sexual activity unless there is a word defining the object of the love as something other than another person, such as "cat lover" or "lover of fine wine."