Bombed et désavoué

So we were at Chris´rents, and guess what?! They took me for his lover. So wrong, so wrong! I didn´t bother to correct them, but told them my story. They were more than baffled! Thhen I showed them my laptop and they understood, how we became friends. It was so moving, as they reacted on me. His Mom hugged me, his Dad shook my hand until it almost fell off. Tomorrow we will go to see his tomb at the cemetary. They showed me his still preserved room, a mix of gay and straght pics on the walls, but bno hints of real gayness. And before we left, his Mom gave me a pic of Chris before he had this letal pneumonia. He looked great! If anybody thinks different, tell me! You are liars!...Going to his fave spot now, bye Pilgrim


naturgesetz said...

I'm glad it went well.

Perhaps you can consider yourself our representative at the cemetery in addition to being there on your own.

There were a couple of pictures that Chris posted that showed how great he looked before his illness. Unfortunately, he always seemed to crop part or all of his face out, but there was enough for us to realize how handsome he was. What a treasure is that picture you have!

Pilgrim said...

You are so right, John, I was so far off him, and now P get so close.

torchy! said...

i'm very pleased that you visited Chris' parents, it must have been really good for them to meet you, as well as for you to meet them. very emotional i'm sure. i didn't realise you were returning to Brighton on your trip.

i'm so sorry i haven't been around for you this week Pilgrim. i've not seen your mails, otherwise i would have been :(

when you visit his grave tomorrow. please say a prayer for all the bloggers who admired and respected Chris so much.

merçi beaucoup

ps. i mailed you again, but i dont know if you're getting them.

torchy! said...

of course please give my condolences to Ste, Cate and Chris' family. if necessary you could describe me as someone who chatted to Chris online. although it was infrequent, it is still true.
you could also mention i mailed Ste on April 21st.
bonne chance

Mickle in NZ said...

Dear Pilgrim,

You know that I am a newcomer to your life and blog. Would you please give me a link to Chris's blog, if it is still available.

You came to visit me at my blog and have had me astounded that you want to know me. I'm learning so much by visiting the blogs of your own regular visitors, and checking on your own one.

Love, care and huggles, techno-feeble Michelle, xxx and purrrrrumbles from Zebbycat.

torchy! said...

@Michelle: Chris' blog is Doin' me head in. The last post was written 8 days before he passed away through pneumonia.

If you want to know more about him, you might also like to visit the tribute blog: In Memory Of Razz

best wishes