Evening out

So, as I said, we were a bit clubbing, at a bar/lounge here in Bray. It was not too crowded, but we had to go a bit early, because of the two minors, Val and Neighbors cuteboy. The both of of them couldn´t be more ctradictionary. Val is french nobility and dresses like a preppy, Cuteboy is from rural Bretagne near Brest. He dresses a lot more fancy (or should I say gay?), this eve he wore low-waist baggies and a short arm leather shirt, he bought in Dublin the other day. Together w/his all over good looks one could think, he´s gay. Then Val doesn´t talk much, while Cuteboy is a real chatbox.Anyway, my Gf. made our eve telling them of her career, and I thought I knew already all about her. ...I never considered me having a gaydar, but it pinged a bit, when I saw Cuteboy and when we kissed good bye as the french do. I´m getting a bit confused. Tadah Pilgrim


Seth said...

A Leather shirt?? Sounds... odd.

Ahh French air-kisses. Is there actually a gay version of that?

Pilgrim said...

Not really, Seth.

naturgesetz said...

Could it be your own attraction to Cuteboy that feels like gaydar to you?