Lamb in mintsauce and a visit to a grave

For lunch Ste´s Mom prepared lamb in mintsauce, my very first one, though aided by my Gf., who insisted on fresh mint.*g* I know she can cook, although I can cook too, but here I´m a visitor and allowed in the kitchen only for drinks. Whatever food is concerned we get asked what we want. After lunch Ste, my Gf. and me went to the cemetery and Chris´grave. He is in a real nice spot, that he alive would have liked for sure. I bought flowers to lay them down at his tombstone and did, followed by a "Ave Maria" prayer, though he was anglican. Then a military salute and after that we sat on a bench nearby and Ste told me more of the living Chris. He was an outgoing person with a good sense of practical jokes, yet able to have serious talks. The latter I experienced myself on the occasion. Ste put his arm around my shoulder when he thought, I would start to cry again, my Gf. held my hand for almost the whole time. When we arrived back home, Ste´s Mom had made a perfect arab tea, which was really deli. Tell ya, you must love this family, if you knew them! Laters Pilgrim...@Torchy, Ste now has another(second?) email addy.Fyi.


callen said...

losing a friend is hard. good luck and god bless you.

Pilgrim said...

Thx, Callen, also for following my blog.

torchy! said...

you only had to read Chris' blog to know that both his and Ste's parents would be hard to beat.

thank you for the update Pilgrim and for doing the honours for us.

i hope the rest of your time in England is not so emotionally testing.


y78ilm said...

Cemeteries are painful. Painful and beautiful, it's so hard to express. When I see all those tombstones I can't help myself from thinking about all those people, all those lives. How were their lives? Growing up, having dreams, falling in love, raising families, getting old. And now here.

Thanks for sharing.

Tom said...

Ditto Torchy's comment,
You have represented us very well pilgrim and we thank you for that.
Catchp with u soon

naturgesetz said...

Thanks for the report. Ste's description of Chris sounds like the "Razz" we knew through his blog.

Mint is a traditional accompaniment for lamb here in the States as well. We probably got it from the English. I'm glad you gat to have some.

Again, if you'd like to put something on the "In Memory of Razz" blog, I'll need your e-mail address to add you. You can e-mail it to me, if you'd rather not publish it on your blog or mine.

Anonymous said...

I thought Chris wished to be cremated. See his post. http://doinmeheadin.blogspot.com/2009/01/talking-about-death-at-local.html