I´m afraid

First off I want to thank you, who showed so much sympathy in dark hours. You are all very appreciated and special to me. ...A bit later this afternoon(CET), Ste and I are going over to meet Chris´ family.Our Girls take a seaside walk at that time. But then there is no hand to hold or squeeze when I feel like, as the other day. Even Ste hugged me to console me, no english attitude at all. I was so wrecked last nite, I felt like HMS Warspite at her last travel to the docks. I know, it´s a bit pathetic, but that how I feel. No cool air as I use to have, but a mere orphan like in Rimbaud´s "L´etrennes des orphélins". Wish me luck,peepz, you know who you are. Laters Pilgrim...P.S., Torchy, if you read me, please anwer my email.


Anonymous said...

We are all thinking baout you, BE strong you will be fine, remembe you are there to meet his family to celebrate his life, and you are doing it on our behalf in some way, so wel will think of you and give you strength.

All my thoughs and feelings heading your way.

Mickle in NZ said...

Pilgrim - sending you strength and love. Chris's family will understand.

Enveloping hugs, Michelle, xxx

naturgesetz said...

A couple of thoughts.

Ste will be there with you.

The family will not be displeased if you cry.

You are so fortunate to be able to meet them. There are many of us who would love to be able to do what you're doing — to meet Chris's family and offer condolences in person. So it's a real privilege for you.

MartininBroda said...

Good feelings and wishes are with you.

Dr Mandragora said...

I don't envy you, dear Pilgrim. I don't handle burials, etc. very well.

Just remember all of the great things that you guys did and had together and go forward knowing that will never be taken away from you.

torchy! said...

i answered you mail, and i'm thinking of you Pilgrim. hang in there, it's going to be emotionally traumatic, but you know it will be worth it.