Peeling and Rain

Val currenltly looks like Wet Kyle described Justin Berfield on "Malcolm in the Middle".*lol* It rained all morning, but cleared up around noon. We had a bbq w/neighbors this evening, a nice one, w/a cute boy from our neighgbors aside, who is their son. He looked at me the same way, so, well!...Northern Ireland was quite interresting in terms of being brits or humans. I never got controlled so often in 3 days, not even in Lebanon....@John, I don´t drink/drrank that much, don´t like beer actually!But wine is so darn expensive here... Have a nice weekend you all! :-) Pilgrim...@Rapha, my celly provider won´t verify my e-mail account, so your last one might get lost.So sorry! :-(


naturgesetz said...

Toujours et partout des beaux garçons!

Mickle in NZ said...

Dear Pilgrim - pretty much offended.

61+ is no way brain dead. At 78 My Dad's brain is in heaps better shape than mine! He is very much 78 years YOUNG.

And as you get older you'll feel the pretty much the same as you do now about you . HArd to explain but at 44 I forget my age, just get annoyed when the body doesn't work as well as it did at 22.

Just have a think about the words that may hurt others.

Keep enjoying your Summer,

care and huggles,

Mickle in mid-winter NZ