Derry or Torchy?!

Didn't know, they have catholic and protestant pubs. We walked in to the first pub, when my Bro. grabbed my shoulder and told me in german, that this was a UVFjoint! So we pushed us back to find an irish one,like 2 blocks away. Weird country!...Torchy, try the no.Rapha gave you, either email, sms, or just call. Laters Pilgrim from V9i


gomad.ch said...

At least you had not to stay on the wagon.

naturgesetz said...

A narrow escape. Kudos to your brother for noticing in time. Maybe you'd have been tolerated in the first pub as foreigners, but better to take no chances. I guess it's to be expected, considering that a few years ago the communities were completely separated, but it still hadn't occurred to me that it would be so.

Mickle in NZ said...

Yes, just be careful up in "the North". My parents noticed things were hugely improved between their first visit in 1987 and their most recent two years ago (Mum' father was born in Belfast). As you have been doing, just watch what you say.

However, good Irish Whiskey is good Irish whiskey.

Keep having a great time,

Michelle and Zebbycat ove in the NZ Winter, xxx