Je te donne my number

This is what undie thief wrote me and pushed it under the main entrance, where I found it this morning. ...The flight was ok, my first time on Air Lingus. Now, since we´re going to Brighton(Ste picked us up at LHR), this post is short. Laters Pilgrim...p.s., I´ll read and comment you later too. :-) Promise!


MartininBroda said...

There are indeed many different ways to show ones affection, quite touching.

Mickle in NZ said...

Dear Pilgrim,

we seem to be going in circles and completely misreading each other.

Let us try again...

Hope your time in England is happy. I have a very funny memory of Brighton - 2 friends (Tony, English and Maurice, Kiwi) had taken me out for a fun Sunday checking out places south of London in November 1987.

After rude comments from Maurice and self about English beaches there being all stones Tony made us go onto the beach (in Brighton)right down to the water. WE walked over many stones but had to agree that there was sand right down at the water's edge. It was 5.00pm and completely dark and very cold. And we had to walk back up over all those stones to get to the car.

The weird things I remember!

Care and huggles,

Michelle xxx, with a sound asleep Zebbycat (Hooray!)

Anonymous said...

That is funny?
Was he fit?
Bless him another lad falls to the amazing charms of Pilgrim.

Mothers and Fathers lock up your sons Pilgrim is in the UK

Anonymous said...

He wrote that?! LOL!!!

Pilgrim said...

Yep, James, we call it franglish or franglais. :-)

Dr Mandragora said...

Woot! A pretty French guy for Pilgrim. Nice.

Isn't Brighton Beach the one with all of the rounded stones instead of sand? I'm not sure, never having visited England before.

Pilgrim said...

Hey Doc., I also was only in England for contests, never for vacations.