Just back from the hospital

Thx for your advice, this morning I went to see a doc at a private(non NHS) hospital, got x-rayed and they said that nothing´s broken, just a ripped muscle in the lower legs hind and some bruised ribs in the back. The doc set out a recipe for...you guessed right, Voltaren. Ater that was done I could leave, 2 hrs. waiting, 1/2 hr. of treatment. Anyway, today is Val´s big 16th, so party is set for this eve, an exclusive selmade dinner before. Oli was so kind to drive me to hospital and back, on the way back we bought some presents for Val. Now I hope, that my genes are more of my Dads, so I have a strong stomach and that I don´t get polluted on my meds and some glasses tonite. Tadah Pilgrim


Mickle in NZ said...

Hugely relieved. Take care and go and enjoy the birthday celebrations. And the rest of your time in London Town.

Will be celebrating within my mind for you all,

much love and care, Michelle in NZ, xxx

(Zebbycat sound asleep, all usual here)

Pilgrim said...

Yeah, Michelle, I will. :-) Give Zebby a hug from me.

gomad.ch said...

Those things will take time. However, I wish you a swift recovery.

Give Val the party of his life!

Mickle in NZ said...

p.s., flowers and chocolates great birthday pressies to me, coz you all get to share the chocolates - I hope!

Super HAPPY birthday celebrating to/for Val - promise?

torchy! said...

i've never heard of Voltaren, but hopefully it will do the job and ease your pain. glad there's no major damage, and i wish you a speedy recovery.

happy birthday to Val.

Samad said...

okay, your writing is a bit scattered.

but can you write in a future post:

(a) how is val related to you? did you guys have sex?

(b) does your girlfriend know about your past with boys (rafiq)

(c) what happened to sam? is his life settled, and are you guys in contact again?

MartininBroda said...

Have a good recovery and not too much "polluting" from your meds.

Anonymous said...

Hey, take care of yourself man. That sounds very painful! >_<

Seth said...



Pilgrim said...

A bit late Seth, but thx to you and James. I´m in the room where my Gf. and I sleep, upstairs. My Firefox is tonite so lame, even I would be faster, given my leg inlury!*lol* They still party downstairs.

naturgesetz said...

I hope the recovery goes well. It's good that it has been diagnosed, so you know what to do for it.