Packed and ready to depart

We packed our stuff and my Gf. and me needed actually a 2nd suitcase, but thxto my Bro it fitted all more or less in one. The rest was was packed in to my backpack, so I prbly. have to pay over the allowed kg.s. I mean , Idon´t care, but it is annoying. @Brendan, if that is your name, you wanna make me fear you? Have fun then! :-D I know what I know!And I laugh about you! You are anonymous and you will prbly. be it forevever. So, why could I bother on your hatemail?! Pah! Tadah Pilgrim


Dr Mandragora said...

I hope you have a nice journey home, and with good friends around you, I'm sure the time will fly.

naturgesetz said...

Safe home!