A night out w/Al

First off, take your brains out of the gutter! Al is the Posse-buddie I spent the last days with. Like Roomie, he´s an avid rollerblader, won the IMYTA once etc., tonite we´ll go to town(them irish have a strange dialect), having a bash(?)! Sorta fun I guess. He´s half malayan, so dinner was like that, but not as bad as in Londonian restaurants!!! We will go to an In-pub tonite, no disco or club thingy, cuz I don´t like to go. To me it´s enough to listen my older bro. like 2 times p.a. on BFBS. Exeppt for Jamsey, who of you plans a field trip? Propz Pilgrim...P.S.@Baz, please answer...@John, that island is way off Co. Monaghan, we go straight to Derry...@all, please take part on my new poll, I wanna know, what age my visitors are, regardless of whatever orientation. :-)


Tom said...

Voted mate
Hope you like the Guiness

naturgesetz said...

That was the point. I guess I assumed that you could tell by the way I spoke of it that PEI is on this side of the Atlantic. It never would have entered my mind that you'd be going there. But I can see that if you thought it was still in Ireland, you could have had the idea of including it in your itinerary.

But what I was saying is that Donagh, in Co. Monaghan, is the last European residence of my White family ancestors.

Pilgrim said...

Thx for irritating me, John!

naturgesetz said...

What did you find irritating?

Well, despite that, I hope you find it pleasant as you pass through the land of some of my ancestors.

Pilgrim said...

Thx, John, I will enjoy our drive to Derry, you can be sure. :-)

Baz said...

Answer what exactly?
The question about currency / credit cards from your previous post? I've left a response there.
Or am I planning a field trip? Sadly, no. I need a minimum three weeks notice to take holidays from work.

@Tom. Guiness is very good bait for slugs.

Baz said...

You left a comment on my blog "...small advice from me; turn on the comment moderation as I have it,..."
Did you mean "like what I've not got"? didn't see any moderation in effect when I just commented!

Pilgrim said...

Baz, tant pis!

Baz said...

I assume that refers to the lack of a field trip! Sorry, but maybe some other time?

gomad.ch said...

Are those bartenders still that fast?

Sasha (Malchik Gai) said...

Cheers, I will be with you in my head. As always, be safe and enjoy your life to it's fullest.
huz brothaman

James said...


torchy! said...

hey Pilgrim, Rapha gave me your email address and i tried to mail you but it got bounced as unknown.

you can get me at torchyboy (at) gmail.com if you like.

Rapha wasn't sure whether you meant for me to have your cellphone number.

have fun