Earlier this afternoon we(exept Val, who went directly to Paris) arrived at Dull-City, to see my family. Five minutes of hugging and happiness, then started the reasoning. Anyway, I´m used to it, so no big deal. Mom cooked a lebanese dinner, best meal in weeks. The brits can´t cook and it´s not a preoccupation, it´s a fact. Only those who were abroad for a while can do it. Next week my family goes on a short vacation, since school starts for my little Bro in like 2 1/2wks. again. They go somewhere to an northsea island named Sylt. Meanwhile we can housesittng and relax for two weeks. Life can be wonderful. Tadah Pilgrim


naturgesetz said...

Enjoy your time in Hannover!

I don't know the city, but thinking of you there reminds me of the old joke: "First prize is a week in Philadelphia. Second prize is two weeks in Philadelphia." So it seems you have won what you would consider the second prize.

Pilgrim said...

*lol* John,you could be right.

MartininBroda said...

Well, if H. is your hometown I should make a next comment in German. I wouldn’t dare to say you are eager to judge, but let me say, when I remember my last visit, breakfast was the most worse. In my opinion, English breakfast has the function to kill your appetite; you need nearly a day not to think about eating with disgust, so it works. Enjoy your coming days.

Randy said...


Mickle in NZ said...

Lebanese food - yum! Definite advanatge, having a Lebanese Mother you'd have grown up with good food.

My dear Mum is not a good cook. I take over the kitchen whenever I stay with then! And they are happy.

At least your folks are going away leaving you the house for yourselves.

Hope your leg is healing well, thanks for your special, kind words,

Michelle xxx

Lunario said...

When you say Dull-City, are you talking about Hannover? That's funny, 'cause I've been there on Friday.

Tell your parents to go to see the lime rocks on Sylt!