Dinner and tears

We had dinner at some indian. Curry-Chicken. I, though I don´t tend to cry nuch,I cried as much as as possible! I was competely off my miind. Please give me some advice!


Anonymous said...

My dear, don't be afraid of crying. Only real great men cry, the ones who are not ashamed of their feelings.
These are your true feelings. They are about respect, about friendship and love. They are the most important part of you, aren't they?
If you want to relax, I'd recommend you washing your head with some cold water. It surely will make you feel better.
I'm here, mate! =)

MartininBroda said...

Sometimes the body is wiser than your mind, I have experienced something similar and believe me I do not tend to cry, so it’s all good.

naturgesetz said...

It certainly shows what an extraordinary man Chris was that your one chance meeting with him could produce such a deep attachment. Certainly he deserves your tears.

torchy! said...

Rapha is so right with his comment. you are so lucky to have met Chris and to have made a connection which allows you to spend time with Ste and Chris' family.

i don't think you need advice - do want you think is best and don't be afraid to show your emotions.


The Kid In The Front Row said...

My advice is feel free to cry at an Indian. It's excused, as the hot food makes most people cry anyways.... :)