Brighton and Ste.s family

So we arrived in Brighton around 3pm, and were immediatly welcomed to stay at Ste.s ´rents house. Meanwhile we(Gf. and me) made us comfy in the guest room, got some sandwiches of our choice and Coke. Then we talked a bit about this and that, seemingly to no point, but then Ste hit the button and Gf left us for a nap, while I got so much input on Chris, that I almost started to cry. Ste.s mom recognized the situation and made her son to row way back. From his face I could see, that he was really sorry to have spilled some beans before it was time. They are so nice to us, especially to me, I don´t know what to say. Tomorrow I wll meet Chris´family. I hope this won´t bring me to tears, although I don´t cry easily. But Chris was a friend of mine, and the third decease of humans close to me within 2 yrs. First was my Grandma, 78, killed by a speeding car, a month later my adopted Brother,24, by cardiac arrest, another two months later Chris,19, of pneumonia. But they all live on as long they won´t get forgotten. So, remember your dead, they deserve it. Laters Pilgrim...have a nice weekend y´all! :-)


Mickle in NZ said...

Such a time you've lived through so very recently, dear Pilgrim.

My heart, and so much care and concern is there for you.

Sending gentle care, love and friendship, wrapped in many, many huggles,

Michelle in Wellinton, NZ. xxx xoxox and more hugs.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and all in Brighton.

WkBoy714 said...

Come up north a little and visit me, you can have hugs :)

naturgesetz said...

You are so fortunate to have this chance to visit with Ste and with his and Chris's families. I hope you will have much to share with those of us who came to know and love him through his blog.

Anonymous said...

must b hard to go thru these times. personally, i was too young when i first had a loss in the family. only 6 when my grandmother died.
neva really understood why we wore black on the day. those memories were fuzzy thankfully.
sometimes being sad is a way to rmber the good times. im sure u still wonder about the times u hve had with Chris.

hugs+ hot chocolate haha!