Jour de la Inauguration de Léopold I. 1838

Today is the belgian national holiday! All of the belgians over theb world will party today. So will we. For you non-belgians, have a nice day anyway. The full details you can find under http://famille royale.be/fr,, but there is a german and flamand version too, what you can understand. Tadah Pilgrim


naturgesetz said...

And the pix are:
King and Queen?
Dowager Queen?
Crown Prince?

Dr Mandragora said...

What is the reason for Belgian Day, Pilgrim? Is it independence, victory in a war, or is it just a "Yea Us!" kind of party?

Pilgrim said...

@john. !. King Albert II. et Reine Paola 2. Roi Albert I.(b/w); 3. Roi Bodouin. The others is as in zhe closeups, Flag of Belgium ann coat of arms....Doc, it´s just our national holiday, maybe it was once the day of liberation, but that day is now May )th. 1945.

Pilgrim said...

Oops, forgot my beloved Reine Fabiola!

torchy! said...

*Happy Belgian National Day* Pilgrim.

i've been to Belgium :) near Lommel and the NL border.


Mickle in NZ said...

Enjoy yourself celebrating this special day. And do let us all know how the food was at Jamie Oliver's restaurant,

Foodie Michelle xxx

MartininBroda said...

Happy national day Pilgrim from one monarchist to another (unfortunately we have momentary this thing called republic here), I hope you can enjoy the time.