Preparing Val´s B-day and an injury

So, our gals were not shoe shopping, but for Val, my young lover. They bought flowers, belgian chocolat, some more caviar, sour cream, all the stuff they thought it´s neccessary for a 16th b-day.*lol* Who invented rhe word that men can´t understand women? ´kay, I knew we guys straight or bi, have no answer to that, but maybe some of my older followers can tell me. :-) ...We guys were in Eastend, Waltsomething, and Central, ripping the spots like nothing, it was real fun! I tried an alley-oop baslide to 180 out and wretched my right underlegs sein. Sorryfor not knowing the right words in english. Sammi and his french as a smalltown kid just amazed me too much. :-) ...Sammi, please read my RE: to you one post earlier. ...Currently I nourish myself of Voltaren to kill the pain in my leg. Still alive, Pilgrim...WE are drinking the leftovers from yesterday now, as the germs say "die reste vom feste!"...Sammi, you must´ ve pushed rhe wrong button, can´t still not comment on you, darling....p.s., my backribs also hurt, gotta see a doctor tomorrow or wait until I´m out of reach of the NHS!...p.p.s.s., comment me even in the new outfit of that section. :-)


Anonymous said...

Hey, Pilgrim. Left you 2 messages, hope you got them. In case you didn't, tell me, ok?

naturgesetz said...

Sorry you got hurt. If it still hurts as badly in the morning, better go see the doctor.

JustinO'Shea said...

Pilgrim. . . sorry about your injury. See a doctor; go to a WALK-IN clinic.

DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL with pain meds. Self-medicating is not wise ever. Please, bro, no booze, no meds for your own sake.


Mickle in NZ said...

Ouch! Please do get to a Doctor asap. Voltaren is okay for a short time but be very careful with it - it can be bad for the stomach.

care and huggles, Michelle and a purrrrrrrumbling Zebbycat, xxx