It got worse

So, this morning my Doc here sent me as urgent to a hospital. I have an abcess at my injured leg, which had to be opened, amd oh my...the Doc at the E.R. cut it open and the whole soup of reddish-greenish yellow jerked on his overall. What a stench! UUaahhrrgg! Then they cleaned the wound w/some antibiotic/antiseptic liquid, put a small drain tube w/a small bag on the outter end in it, plastered and bandaged my leg and wanted me on station. But we made an agreement, that I´ll take my antibiotics and call them, if whatever happens thru weekend, and show up on monday. ...That means 4 scheduled paties this weekend are cancelled and a ruined one as well.For now I´m laying on a chaise longue, but I´m still alive...Laters Pilgrim...P.S. @Torchy, what did you mean?


Mr. Urs said...

That's ugly. I had that on my cheek and had to eat blended food for weeks. Take care with that leg and cut back on the booze until your off the meds.

Pilgrim said...

Thx Urs, I gathered that. Besides, I already feel dizzy from painkillers and antibiotics.

torchy! said...

oh my, that sounds very painful and nasty. i hope it heals up really soon.

when i first read your post yesterday, i'm certain you had 'ps torchy, you've got mail', which meant to me that you'd sent me some mail. except i didn't receive any.


MartininBroda said...

Delicious, hm, take care, I hope your life will not getting too boring now.

naturgesetz said...


Hope it clears up rapidly.

Dr Mandragora said...

That does not sound good, but at least you went in and took care of it before the abscess went any further. Rest and heal up.

Mickle in NZ said...

Dear Pilgrim, what a nasty thing to happen. Keep up with the medication and follow Urs' advice,

care and huggles, Michelle, xxx

y78ilm said...

Poor you!
I still remember how I as a kid had an abscess cut open and drained. I had it on my lover back (right above my arse) and the pain as it was worked upon was... simply horrible!
The hospital staff had to try hold me, still I managed to fight myself free and broke some plaster a nurse had on her hand with my violent kicking.

So yeah, poor you!!