Hangover ain´t home

Let alone, that w/out my Gf. and later on my Bro I couldn´t have made it to Dull-City, because I need a crutch to walk, the voyage back was fine. I got upgraded in the plane because of the crutch, and my Dad has let me sit in the front seat of his Cheyenne. He likes old cars too. :-) ...@ Martin, my german is worse than your english, so forget it! Comprenden?! ...My Bro and some of our buddies are out blading, there will be a tour contest from Grindhouse the upcoming weekend, so they are training, sort´a. Though not me. ...@Torchy, if you sent me a pm, it didn´t work try again under my web.de now! :-) Tadah Pilgrim


MartininBroda said...

Nice answer, I will consider it.

Pilgrim said...

Thx, Sir!

naturgesetz said...

But then your English is also worse than his German. LOL

I see a travel tip — always use a crutch.
LOL again.

Pilgrim said...

John, :-ppp

torchy! said...

hi Pilgrim. hope your leg gets better very soon. i've sent you a pm to the web.de address i have. if you don't get it, could you mail me please, then at least i'll be able to reply.


Anonymous said...

Do you need someone who can speak German fairly well it something?

I tried to change my comment setings again... I think it should work now..