Strange Day

This morning at 11am CET we had the 6 - week mass for Sam, his parents asked me to hold a sermon obout him and his life and provided me w/input before, that I never knew before. I was stunned, not by the fact they handed me out his life before I had knoen him, but the sheer amount of stuff, i.e. his diary. ´Nuff said?! Anyway, it was a nice mass and prbly. the first ever with Eminem songs instead of organ and choir. Needlss to say the church was full, his akumni from lycée as well from uni, his family, my Gf. and me. And I was the least bit sad! :-) ...In other news, this weekend we have christmas vacations and I´m glad to see my family and friends in H.town again. It will take me some days to speak an agreable german, but fortunately they speak english, french, turkish or arabic, so a convo will not be that hard to lead! :-) In good mood...Tadah Pilgrim


Anonymous said...

That was definitely a great honour. Hopefully, by this you have helped everyone have a good closure.


torchy! said...

i'm sure you did your friend proud Pil. well done.

enjoy your vacations

Captastro said...

It is good to see you in this happier mood. I feel your smile in your writing. Have a wonderful vacation and enjoy the holidays with your family. <3

MartininBroda said...

I look forward to the moment you will speak to me in an agreable German.


I like this post because I see your present mood in it.