What´s the secret?

Yesterday afternoon Val sorta crashed our Easter mondaily meeting w/the grandparents. He arrived by train, called me and I stupidly told him, where to go to.After he was here, he told me that he asked the cab driver for a lebanese family in ----street. It was well embarrassing and I sorta shrunk under the carpet when he introduced himself as my - friend -: Ouf! He was welcomed by my grandparents and parents, but my bro´s remained suspicious. Even the little one reasoned on him to me later that evening, asking me where he´s from, what he is, who he is, all the darn questions only 7yrs. old can ask! And I mean, what the heck had Val to do here? He was neither expected nor invited! But lebanese/arab tradition forces one to take guests as they come.How do kids always seem to know, what is so special about a visitor?*sigh*    Today we we ripping Expo Plaza encore, the weather is fine like 15C/62F.   And btw., in some days I´ll have my first anniversary in the blogosphere!   Hope, all my readers had a blessed and happy Easter! :-)  Tadah Pilgrim


naturgesetz said...

That sounds pretty presumptuous of Val. I hope you can teach him some good manners! LOL

And Happy Anniversary!

naturgesetz said...

I just found this video.


I guess this was Val's theme song. He was on his way from misery to happiness, and took the road that brought him to your home town … to your front door.

MartininBroda said...

How lovely, seems he is really interested in you, enjoy it :-)

Merche Pallarés said...

I don't know who Val is but I presume he's not a close friend... Happy Blog Anniversary! (In advance, just in case I don't "land" in time...). Gros bisous, M.

Dr M said...

Oh no. I personally do not like unexpected company. I dislike unexpected company so much that I do not answer the door if someone shows up unannounced. I simply pretend to not be home.

Anonymous said...

Kids seems to have a special sense to detect such things.
Or maybe, they're just not afraid to ask their questions straight out without hesitations. The very same questions we all have, but we consider them insensitive, or maybe we are afraid of the answers we might get.