I´ll hang around

Joe, many thx for your sensitive comment and the tips, what to txt about. You must already have a lot of life experience. But no matter, how old you may be, you mke make ma sorta feeling home in this blogosphere. :-) ...Atm. it´s way difficult to divide my life from my studies. You must know that me is the youngest student in my year, and for the next yrs. to come while I do my doctorates. Maybe the upcoming holidays break (I mentioned it earlier) will give me an opportunity to go sort thing a bit out. Doomed but Cheerful had nice advices which I know, wouldn´t work w/me, since I´m a student more dedicated to his studies than to anything else. That doesn´t mean to miss out any given party or the hangout w/my posse of rollerbladers. On the other hand, my current main subject is, to have a really wonderful rememerance mass for Chris. Since my comments were barred out for the post I refer upon, I give the date and place again: May 6th at 6pm, Église de la Sorbonne, accomodation is provided. So far, I got 2 SMS from the UK, so whoever of the UK-bloggers want to paticipate, tell me immediately. Please! :-) Laters Pilgrim

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