Networks - Nuts work

It´s the 3rd consecutive time that my network failed for several hours, preferably at night. So Micky and another blogger aren´t alone w/th this prob. Or is it just, because I have german IP, that France Telecom won´t recognize? If anybody has an idea or a solution rather, then plz. tell me. :-) ...It wouldn´t bother me, if I had the time to txt throughout the day, but to me learning comes before the fun, especially since I´m in my master degree exams.*rants end* ...on a lighter note; have you seen my new gadget, where you can sorta rate each single post anonymysly?! Which, btw., is not meaning that you can comment, and like most here in our blogosphere, I appreciate comments. :-) Hope to post earlier next time. Tadah!


Anonymous said...

I had to plug mine in and a nice man in Bombay (probably) went through some of my set-up files and fiddled around. I could see what he was doing but couldn't affect it at all! Spooky!

Anyway he got it working again and now I've moved it (laptop) into the same room as the wireless hub and (so far) it's fine. Might be that this one was so close to Pete's that they screwed each other up, making us think it was the line, when perhaps ti wasn't.

Didn't know laptops screwed together . . .

Seth said...

The "rate the post" gadget is cool - lots of people it seems, cannot get it to work. I can't on my blog - so I will rate YOUR posts :)

By your network - do you mean your home computer network (router, modem, etc) or your ISP connection?

Lots of things could be going wrong but we all could help - but we would need more details.