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Since I´m not to keen on this whole commenting/ comment answering, I´ll do it this way. @torchy!; Yep, I happened to meet C. in person, after the incident w/the french guys. 2. I´belgian, wallon to be exact. That means, my native language is french. 3. You can find several vids on youtube, my older bro has quite a collection, not only my roomie. :-)

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torchy! said...

hey Pilgrim, as far as i know (i could be wrong) you are the only person who bridges the gap between blog-world and real-world as far as Chris is concerned. if you feel you can share the story of your encounter, i can arrange for it to be put on the tribute site. i know there are a great many people who would be very interested to read it.
you can mail me at torchyboy@gmail.com if you like.