Sc. D: ahead

Bon jour le monde! I had my term paper done in a record time of 4 hrs., as my prof. said. Yay me! And still I got a good feeling on it. In another 2 wks. I have the verbal part to defend my thesis, antithesis and conclusions.*blah!* ...On an online chat I found another boy of Paris, who wanted to meet me right on. Weird, huh? I mean, having a Gf. and a crush, who is cuter than this, should be enough. ... Oh, I still owe you the §rd part of meeting Chris. And just to let you know, Joe is a bit wrong, on catholic rites. We give the deceased a & weeks after ceremonial mass. I ordered on at La Église de la Sorbonne. If any of you could make it for May 6th., you´d be welcomed. Laters, Pilgrim

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naturgesetz said...

Congratulations on your success with your term paper, and good luck in the defense.

Apparently, the French custom is different from the old American one, but I can assure you that thirty days was formerly the custom here. Now the only Masses usually offered after the funeral are on anniversaries or just on unrelated dates.

More importantly, it is very good of you to arrange for that Mass for Chris on May 6. Perhaps you should give us the time as well. I won't be able to be there, but maybe someone could get there from England.