Hello world! I´m the - relatively - new kid in the blogosphere, as Torchy had put it. Hopefully I will find new friends and, at laest for me, a place, where I get accepted as confused as I am at times. If you want to ask me what ever, feel free to comment. It´s almost midnite, so I don´t bring the "heavy" stuff right along. Hope, you enjoy my new blog. *hugs* bye for now et bonne nuit.


torchy! said...

wilkommen/bienvenue to the blogosphere! i'm looking forward to reading more about you.

hugs to you too

James said...

Âllo Pilgrim, merci beaucoup for following my blog. Oui, je sais que mon français est terrible. I see you started your blog not long ago, if you don't mind I'll link you?