CLast nite I was sad, angered and pissed, not my usual mix to have. Impossible to explain. Last time s/thing similar happened when my Grandma died. And a month late my adoptive brother died. My Dad eventually called that year his "annus horribilis". The thoughts on and about Chris brought it all up again. ...On a happier note; thx to Jamsey and Lunario for following me too. :-) *hugs* to you. ...I was learning all day, after I killed my hangover, becuase tomoz I write my first master deegree. Wish me luck. Tadah!


torchy! said...

bon chance my friend! i hope it goes well for you


Anonymous said...

yay! Good luck!

And from the Former Bitch too - she is a German Shepherd dog yer know!

Anonymous said...

good luck! and ur welcome!

naturgesetz said...

Good luck. Let us know how it goes.