Just s/thing on Chris

I see your eyes/ in a glass of gin. ...Why does he not just vanish off my head? My mind turns dark, remembering him, who was so bright, even after the "french wankers" post. I wasn´t involved, being on the other side of the place. We met accidentally, when he and his peepz. went off my group. We were there after visiting the Royal Societé, who invited my semester to a tour and referat on and about this old institution. I don´t know, what had ridden my group to be such assholes! None of them ever told me up to today. He asked me, so totally openminded, if I were one of them, too. I said "Ouai!" and "Whatcha want from me?" He was like "You seem to be the most reasonable of them suckers."(sob)... to be continued. Tchao for now


Micky said...

Sorry, others may be OK, but I'm some miles from understanding much of this.

If you can be bothered, I'd love to know what you're talking about. Eh?

cvn70 said...

that was amazing that was your group of kids he met up with that day. Di dyou know he blogged or how did you make the connection

it had to be weird to read that story as i remeber the event he described

take care and be safe