C´est moi! (Part I)

Hello World! Isn´t it amazing, if you have no idea of what to txt? :-D Well, for starters, I introduce myself a bit. I´m a 19yr. old student of macrophysics and microbiology in Paris, right heading for master degrees in both subjects. Yes, I had my baccalauréat at the tender age of 14. My start into life was not so easy, according to my Dad. So, I never knew my real mother, she abandoned us when I was a toddler. Never heard of her again ever since. I was raised by my Dad and my Grandma, who sadly passed 2yrs. ago, a cause of a reckless car driver. On other terms, I live w/a roomie, who brought me to rollerblading. He is one of France´s best street-and parkskaters. Then there is my Gf., an algerian beauté and a boy, I would call my secret crush. Oh, I forgot to mention beeing a middle child, I have an older bro(by 17 months) and a younger gun age 7. So much for now. Tadah! ;-)

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torchy! said...

very pleased to meet you... say, have you got a nickname? it's just that your blog name is quite long :)

so are you German or French or...?

wouldn't mind seeing you or your roomie rollerblading. if he's one of Paris' finest, are there any youtube clips?