Sc. D: ahead

I meant 6 weeks after, F.T.W,


naturgesetz said...

Re: Help Needed

Unfortunately, I don't have the German words for things, but here's what I think will work

In the upper right of your screen, click the button for "Customize" (found between "New Post" and "Sign Out")

On the next screen select "Settings" (found between "Posting" and "Layout")

On the bar below "Settings" select "Comments" (found after "Basic" "Publishing" and "Formatting")

For the first item listed "Comments" select "Show"
For the fourth item on the same screen, "Comment Default for Posts" select "New Posts Have Comments."

Then save your changes.

I think that will do it for you.

Pilgrim said...

Thx Joe, I´ve did it the way you said(my english might be better than your german). But my last two posts wont change.

naturgesetz said...

Well, it does say "*New* posts have comments." See what happens if you try a new post. If I was right, the new post should allow posts. If not, I don't know.