What´s up w/you?

Well, first off, welcome Todd X; who apparently not (yet) has a blog, as my new follower. Thx guy :-) ...Why did no one comment on my last post, not even clicked the reaction thingy? Am I so boring or my posts? Then, plz. tell me what you guys want to read about. My life isn´t so exiting to txt whole novels about. Paris is always dubbed "the city of love", but love isn´t lurking around every corner in town, so not much from that front. Sexy or erotic connotations you can´t expect, because I´m not used to tell what I do in private. So please, give me some input on what topics else than those you m8 be interested in. Comment! :-) ...Laters, Pilgrim


Micky said...

Hey! Calm down! Why don't you visit It's Getting Better and comment on the post I wrote last night about people not commenting on posts.

C? We DO care!

Micky said...

Actually, sorry, you did, didn't you!


Pilgrim said...

I was´t upset, only a bit frustrated on the amount of comments or reactions. However, I´ve read your post. :-) I check my followers posts on a daily basis, I only still have no clue how to comment those who don´t have my commenting scheme.

naturgesetz said...

A couple of suggestions for things you could write about —

your gf
your crush
your studies and career plans
your time in Cologne for World Youth Day
childhood memories
daily life and feelings

We are a diverse group of bloggers with different interests, so not everything will interest all of us. Don't be discouraged.

I don't check the little boxes mainly because the times I've looked at them on other people's blogs, nothing seemed to fit, so I don't pay attention. I'll comment if I think there is something useful for me to say.

I definitely hope that you'll continue blogging about yourself.