Wonderful day

It´s been a day en plein soleil, so my roomie , some mutual friends and I went to skatepark near Porte d´Italie. It was a great session and I did my first ever wallride. Awesome! :-) After ripping it for like 3 hrs. we went over to the Samaritaine, shopped a little, then the 5 of us went to a café-brasserie for dinner. Now, home again, the guys ply pool, while txt here and later I have to reread a book for my next test, due early next week. I do basically everything beginning next week, because we have a break thru may 1st till may 10th, due to the two major holidays Jour du travail et Jour de la Victoire. All very pathétique, Workers Demonstrations on the 1st, Military columns at the 9th. Great fireworks are expected. I know, this post is pretty random, so what?! :-D ...Well, that´s it for now. Tadah!


Sethy said...


Torchy! recomended a follow, so any friend of his is a friend of mine.

Welcome! And enjoy the pilgrimage :) We have a great circle of friends here, so take a seat, get a bowl of popcorn, and enjoy the ride...

Micky said...

Hi, we're all good boys and do what Torchy says, except when he's not looking, of course.

I've not only Followed you (I'm the one always on the phone) but I've also put you on my blogliss on both my blogs that have such things. It would be nice if you clicked on me and looked at my blogs. then you could link back / in return / er, U scratch my back and er I'll scratch yours etc.etc. If in any doubt ask torchy! he knows best. Sometimes.

Dodger said...

Hi Pilgrim,
Nice to meet you and welcome. I have had the pleasure of travelling to Brussels and Waterloo several times in the last couple of years and enjoyed them greatly. Love the beers. A wonderful country.

naturgesetz said...

Naja, Pilgrim, wilkommen in der Blogwelt. Ich bin folger geworden, und habe ein Link in meinem Blog mit deinem gemacht.

And that's about all I can say in German in honor of the background language of the blog.

Like torchy! and the others, I'd love to hear your story of meeting Chris when you are ready to tell it.

Meanwhile, it's great having you here and I'm looking forward to getting better acquainted with you. I'm pleased to mett someone who when to see Pope Benedict in Cologne. I'd also be interested to hear more about that.

exalen said...

Hi Pilgrim, welcome to the blog world! We <3 randomness!