New Followers

Hey to Seth, Jay.Osa and Sebastian! Thx for following my little blog and make yourself comfy. :-) ...on another term, this post is sort of a balloon to see, if my comment thingy is working again, after I readjusted it. Again, thx to Seth and Joe for their helfol comments or post. :-)...so, let´s see!


Micky said...

It was obviously a time for it - I lost my internet connex for most of yesterday as well!

Gremlins in the machine.

Pilgrim said...

Hi Micky! All a result, because I wanted to be able to answer my commenters if necessary. Anyway, now it woks. :-)

Tombi04 said...

Hey Pilgrim,

so, I can't promise I'll link you immediately, cause I'm really slack lol. Honestly, I'm terrible at updating my links list. But, I'll try, and soon as I do you''l also get a mention in the post after that. Oh, and I'lll be putting a link for you in my next post when I thank you for following me.

Thanks heaps for following me, and thanks for letting me know you linked me, I hate it when people don't tell me lol.


naturgesetz said...

It worked! Yay!

Congrats on the new followers!

Seth said...

Looks like you solved the problem :)

Of course I will comment now that you've got it fixed.