Today we celebrate not only the beginning of the new year in the christian churches calendar but also the beginning of the christmas time. The 1. Advent(from latin "ad veniat" to come) is traditoinal the start of a lent time before the actual Birthday of Our Lord in medieval times, now it is down to a mere shopping season or should I say hunting for presents(?). ...We were attending mass in the morning, then our parishs Christmas market, where mainly women sell potholders, books, table cloths, coffee and cake, but we also had lunch there, a yummy chicken-noodle soup and a german thing named "Rote Gruetze", consisting of red berries and gelated juice, I can recommend it! :-),  All, exept the books, is selfmade and the incoming money goes to social Organisations or partner parishes. My families church has a partner parish in Peru, actually a benedictine sister, who works there for the good of the people and to follow Our Praised Lord. ...besides, anyone ever tasted Absinthe? To me it tastes like cough syrup with water! :-) May you all have a blessed Advent time! Tadah Pilgrim


naturgesetz said...

Thanks for mentioning Advent. I'll add that in addition to preparation for Christmas, it also has elements of encouraging us to look forward to the second coming of the lord, at the end of time, and to be prepared for his return.

Since you've covered the topic, I'll probably just put the prayer in the gadget on the side of my blog.

Pilgrim said...

thank John! :-)

Anonymous said...

I hate to be such a huge pedant, but 'advenire' is the Latin infinitive of 'to arrive'. It's a compound of 'ad' (towards, to) and 'venire' (to come) :).

'Advenit' would be he, she or it arrives :).

Merche Pallarés said...

Pilgrim I went to google to check "La Libre Belgique" but couldn't access your father's interviews. Can you give me the exact link? Because I'm not an internet-expert to say the least... Thanks. Gros bisous and Happy Advent, M.