Bleak November

After all the backlashes I needed distractio more than ever. So I study harder, work parttime in the skateshop again, hang out with friends who are fun or tweet. ...But then, there go special thx to a man, who on his post on sunday brought me to the conlusion, that life doesn´t end whn one dies, but our deceased live on, as long we have them on our minds. This doesn´t mean eternal grief for the rest of our miserable life, but every now and then to remember to good times we had with them, who are gone. In my honest belief, they become our Guardian Angels and to know this gives me a great relief! So, if you think, you have none, think again. Our Lord doesn´t leave us unprotected against the odds of live. As a saying goes"I saw two pairs of footsteps in the sand while all was fine. Where, o God was you when i was is sorrow? I´seen no footsteps anymore! God replied there upon: When you saw no footstep at all, I carried you."  Laters Pilgrim


MartininBroda said...

It will not surprise you if I say that I totally agree with you. I really believe we can transform the abyss of pain into something good, all my good wishes for you!

torchy! said...

i totally agree with you Pilgrim. it's good to grieve for the loss of loved ones, but it's important to then turn that grief into more of a fond remembrance.

i wish you well as you go through that process yourself.


Mr. Urs said...

A while ago, a good friend of mine died. Her friends (and lovers) still meet several times a year not only to commemorate her but also to have a good time together (and to feast heavily). This way she still keeps inspiring our friendship. Btw, these are her eyes.

Captastro said...

It is difficult to lose a friend under any circumstances, but our grief is heightened when the loss is through death, since it is so permanent.

I am glad that you are able to focus on good memories and find comfort knowing your loved ones are still with you, watching over you.

Grief is always most difficult at the beginning. In time, the gnawing harshness will fade to be replaced with the warmth of fond memories, still with a sense of loss, but now filling your heart with joy.

Peace to you Pilgrim.

Anonymous said...

I'm not particularly religious, but in a way I do believe in Guardian Angels. It's hard to explain really, maybe I'm just trying to see some purpose and find comfort in all the suffering when someone passes on. Or...? Well...

Take care!


Merche Pallarés said...

I came to your cyber-home and read your latest posts. I sense you're a bit depressed. Don't be, dear Pilgrim. Sorrow passes away and it's true that our dear ones are always close by. They never go away. They're always there. I've lost many in my long life but I'm not sad because I can feel they're always with me. Gros bisous, M.