What the heck...?

All day I tried to log in at Facebook, but they don´t take me in! Ffs., do I have a hacker? If someone can help me out, he/she is welcomed! :-) ...saturday was the day of the year; we won vs. École Militaire 15 -11, 7 pts. by me, two penalty shots. ...Elsehow there is nothing of major importance that happened. So, a short update and my best wishes to you all! Tadah Pilgrim


Anonymous said...

i had that problem one..
was sooo frustrated since a friend left me a wall post!
didnt work for that day, but it worked the next day.
really dont hve another answer other than - wait for the next day if u can (>.<)

Mickle in NZ said...

Hello dear Pilgrim

Great results from the Rugby Field, too bad with your facebook problems.

Many thanks for your comment, the overflow from my tiny kitchen can now be shut away in the great big new cupboard - and it is full already! Cast iron Dutch oven and large good frying pan have a home at last.

Zebbycat hasn't got his wide windowsill back yet coz I've filled it with containers where I'm raising veggie seedlings

Sending care and love, Michelle xxx

Anonymous said...

Pilgrim i didn't throw you out of my Small Town Chat followers. I don't know what ur talking about. Please explain. Thx.