The snow has gone

It took me half an hour for a way I use to walk in ten mins. to the institute. Paris is either watery or icy. Small wonder at 10C. Last tuesday training was aborted for the "slippery when wet" conditions. On the other hand that gave me a chance to catch up with my doctorate, so I´m at about 400 sides. 500 are required. Wih me luck! ...on another term, Val hasn´t been around for quite a while, seems his coming out was not so well received by his rents! Heck, what coud I do, if necessary? ...Elsehow I´m fine! :-)   Tadah Pilgrim


naturgesetz said...

We've been "enjoying" mostly sub-freezing weather after a brief thaw last week.

Maybe Val's parents have forbidden him to talk to you.

Mickle in NZ said...

The Northern Hemisphere seems to be getting a fierce winter this year.

Keep warm and cosy, and stretch and warm up yourself for any rugby practice sessions and games.

Wellington leg of the IRB Sevens series on just now. 35,000 fans in fancy dress let loose on town a few hours back after day one of fast and furious Sevens Rugby.

I'm staying home and enjoying it all from the comfort of my sofa!

Love and huggles, Michelle xxx

Anonymous said...

Lucky you.
We're still more or less drowned by the snow. I'm honestly scared for this spring when this all starts to melt. It has to become an epic flooding!