Back again and other noneties

As you can read, I´m back, though I still suffer a strong writing blockade. Anyway, I promised some peepz to be in Brighton in commemoration of Chris. Thx to the BA being on strike, my flight was cancelled. Good thing on that part; I received a 100% refund for my ticket. On another note; I finished my first doctorate, results are to be expected after the french Easter break. Then I´ll start over w/my second doctorate to possibly finish it before Christmas/Winter break. Sorry for this rather brief update, hope to be able to txt more again. Tadah Pilgrim


Seth said...


hi pilgrim :)

Callen said...

welcome back :)

naturgesetz said...

Too bad you couldn't make it to Brighton for the anniversary.

I put a little post on the "In Memory of Razz" blog which Niv Moodley started, and other people have posted on their own blogs. So his memory is still fresh.

Mickle in NZ said...

Wow, first then second doctorates - no wonder you are super busy. I send love and care and huggles, always and anyway,

Michelle and a softly snoring Zebbycat, xxx and much care from us - each and both

JustinO'Shea said...

I know the French are "fast" but. . .a second doctorate in 9 months???
Comment? What = "doctorate" in France?

A Masters degree in USA takes about 2-3 years, anyway. Then for the doctorate, add on three more years academic study, classes, etc, plus a defended and published thesis.

Babe, you certainly are fast-tracking. ;-)

Bonne chance!