Birthday survival

Last day was my 20th birthday., yep! I had a great one, a small lunch at my friend Val, in the evening a big dinner with my Gf. We´d d been at Hélene Darroze´s Restaurant for an extended dinner of 5 courses.1. poulliettes de chambre au limon et raisins, 2., loup de mer aux moutardes de Dijon, 3., pate des légumes aux ailes et sucre, 4., Créme bordélaise, 5. fromages des ardennes aux hérbes d´hiver, café, cognac et glace auxerrois. A great menu! :-)  ...Then a big SORRY to all, that I didn´t post earlier, but then; who of you got b-day greets from Freddie Prinze jr. or Nicolai Djupesland! :-P  Nothing else to tell, so laters! Pilgrim


Anonymous said...

Better late than ever right? Happy Birthday!! My French isn't the best but from what I can tell that menu sure sounds delicious... and very French! ;)

Much Love

naturgesetz said...


If you had told us earlier, you would also have had timely birthday greetings from Naturgesetz. Now you've got to be content with belated good wishes.

Rock on, dude!

Planetx_123 said...

Wow (what I understood) sounds delicious!! I'm glad you had a happy birthday. Only one more 'good' birthday left (I guess... maybe 21 doesn't mean anything special in france like it does in the US). And then its all down hill from there :-)

BTW- what do you mean about freddie prince jr? I had the biggest crush on him when I was in HS ^_^


Benji said...

Happy Birthday !!

Seth said...

Bon Anniversaire!!

Belated Happy Birthday *HUGS* From Sethboyardee


By the way I Googled "poullietes de chambre" and your blog post was the only result LOL.

What the heck is that?

Merche Pallarés said...

I came to visit you because you haven't visited my blog in a VERY long time... I see that you're still enjoying life with your Gf and your wonderful meals!! Happy Birthday chéri! Gros bisous, M.