A better day

 Was in mass today for the first time at St. Ignace, the jesuite church here. I had a nive talk w/a chaplain after and he told me, that it´s no big thing to enter the jesuite laicist brotherhood, just being catholic and a devout follower of our Lord! ´kay, a bit of evening or sunday school are unevitable, but not like 2 yrs., as I presumed. So I can make it witin a year! Yay! ...John, you must really have a different church calendar, if you still insist on a 9 weeks rememberance mass, here it is 6 wks.! So far for now, got no further news, exept a 20 -17 loss against ENA last day, but that is prbly. only interesting my dear New Zealand reader(you know who you are). Laters Pilgrim


Planetx_123 said...

Well I don't really have anything to comment, but seeing as I haven't commented before-- I'll just say: good luck on your jesuit-ness, and hurray for whatever team you wanted to win (and whatever sport you're talking about for that matter) :-)

See- a pointless comment :-)

Much Love,

naturgesetz said...

Actually, the big thing, other than anniversaries, was always the Month's Mind, 30 days after the death. Although I seem to remember 60 and 90 days as well, there's nothing special about them that I can find. As you say, different customs in different countries.

Anonymous said...

HA! You type 'nive' just like I've done a million times by now. I blame my fat fingers, nevertheless... so annoying!

I don't really get his Jesuit brotherhood thing, but I'm glad you're glad things are starting to work out. We all have different believes, I believe in respect. Among other things.


Michelle said...

First loss for your team this season? Never mind - the All Blacks lost this weekend too. As did our cricket team. On the plus side the NZ rugby sevens team won the Dubai Tournament.

Relieved you're in a better frame of mind, and that your talk with the Jesuit Chaplin had such a good result for you.

Love and hugs, Michelle xxx

Merche Pallarés said...

I'm surprised to see how religious you are... Good luck, my friend. Gros bisous, M.