BBC NEWS | In Depth | Audio slideshow: Liberation of Belsen

BBC NEWS | In Depth | Audio slideshow: Liberation of Belsen This is better as what I could say on the liberation of Belsen on April, 15. 1945. Please click on the link and comment! Propz Pilgrim


naturgesetz said...

Thanks for posting. I hope that eventually the world will learn the lessons of that tragic time: that genocide must not be permitted; that racism and ethnic hatred are evil and must be resisted; that totalitarianism is dangerous and must be prevented from taking power.

With all the documentary evidence which proves the reality of the Holocaust, it must take a considerable degree of malevolence or insanity or both for one to be a Holocaust denier.

Mickle in NZ said...

Born in 1965, I grew up slowly learning more, often indirectly from the lessons at school, often insensitivly to the few here in NZ whose families were affected. Then I learnt, and I learnt better.

In 1987 I visited the place that had been the labour camp, Matthausen. I saw the wooden bunk beds where men had huddled overnight - 3 to a single bed space. I gazed down on the "stairway of death" that led to the quarry the men were forced to laboured at, and to then walk up that stairway carrying that heavy quarried stone.

I still shake my head - not in disbelief but in despair that man could ever be so inhumane to fellow humans. Sadly it continues in our world.

Special thanks, dear Pilgrim, for this special post of yours. I send hope, peace, care and love to you,

Michelle xxx and a soundly sleeping Zebbycat (so silence from him)

MartininBroda said...

I was looking at the audio slideshow, thanks for sharing it. I could't say it better as John.