Happy new year to all! :-) We are in St.Moritz, Switzerland, Rafiq, my Gf. and me, having a real decadent ski vacation. We have a great time skiing and partying, and whether we go skiing, snowboarding or tobogganing, it´s always fun! Last nite was a gala dinner and party(of course) til the drinks got stale in the barkeepers hands. This morning we had brunch in our suite, delivered by a Bellboy, who would make Torchy envious! :-D I hope he won´t be angry at me for the pic! :-)  Tadah Pilgrim


Captastro said...

Glad to hear you're having so much fun. Happy New Year to you, too. :D

Anonymous said...

A decadent ski vacation?? Hope that's a good thing, it sound so anyway ;)
Gott Nytt År - Happy New Year!!


torchy! said...

i'm probably more envious at your skiing holiday than your bellboy tbh :)

no worries about the sign, imitation/flattery etc. and anyways i borrowed it off someone else.

have a fun time

Charlie said...

Sounds like an awesome vacation! Happy for you :) Have a great 2010!

Mr. Urs said...

Happy new year and thanks for supporting our economy!

Seth said...

Happy New Years!!

naturgesetz said...

Glad you're able to have a nice time like that. It sounds like great fun.

Mickle in NZ said...

Happy New Year. Pleased you celebrated in style.

Zebbycat is fine - lounging behind me as he washes his face

Love and huugles,

Michelle and Zebby, xxx and purry purr

MartininBroda said...

Happy New Year Pilgrim, hope you enjoy your ski vacation..