We´re open again!

Having survived Christmas, New year, St, Moritz and my fanily, I foumd an online love or two, a boy from Norway and a girl from Chili. I.R.L I´m back in Paris and gonna see Val tonite, though he has to go to school again. :-) I´m happy all around! Two weeks in the snow, a just minor injury, but I live! :-) ...on another note I found so many blogs I followed are deleted! Why?! Ain´t we worth reading your blogs or what? This goes to Davey, M-Boy etc.! Others transferred their blogs to Nibblebit, or Wordpress, where one can harly follow them! WTF is that good for? Two weeks off, more or less and my blogoshere turns upside down! :-(  Laters Pilgrim


Anonymous said...

Good to have you back, and I'm glad your time off did you good. Now, stay with that feeling of happiness!!


Thiago said...

U are welcome...!


MartininBroda said...

The “blogosphere” is like the real world, things are changing (I have problems with this myself sometimes) and everyone has to live with his own decisions. If you've found some love (even online), be happy about it. Btw. I trust you too.

Seth said...

'Tis the season... for drama in Blog Land.

Welcome back!