Paul Celan - Todesfuge

Paul Celan - Todesfuge Sorry to give you another link instead of the full txt of Paul Celans "Todesfuge" - "Fugue des Mortes, thx to Martin, who sent me the link. It´s in german so not all of you will read, let alone understand it. Maybe you can use a translator to get the sense of thi great piece of a great poet, who died on April 20, 1970, thirty years ago! Propz Pilgrim ...and please give a note in the comments whether or not you could read or tranlate it, will you?! :-)


Aek said...

I was unable to read it. :-/

Now, if it were Spanish, I might be able to struggle through a little bit (and/or look stuff up to figure things out).

MartininBroda said...

Thanks. I know how important this is for you, and Celan, there is no doubt, is a great and important poet, who tries to keep poetry even in face of horror. So for your English speaking readers 2 links to translations I found: